Monday, 2 April 2012


Everyday I log on my favourite forum I learn about new sites (today it was Amazon Mechanical Turk)! So today I'm going to write about a site I found recently that you might be interested in - or it could just be a site I never knew about but everyone else did and was slow on the uptake. This site has been going and paying since 2007, so it probably is just me missing this one, but anyway...

Have your heard of Superman? Supersoakers? How about Superpoints? Well  is a site with a difference... it's a fun site that pays well and combines Paid To Click (PTC), surveys, Paid To Watch, reviews and a lot more.

How the Site Works
You join the site preferably by using my link and then complete you profile information. This is a very quick step (less than 2 minutes) and means that you will automatically upgrade your "level" once you hit some pretty easy to hit targets - note here, that you will never have to put a penny into 
Superpoints - even the upgrades are free! Once you've completed your profile you can checkout the numerous offers (which include sign-ups, videos, surveys, etc) and most importantly you can play the Superlucky Button.

What is the Superlucky Button?
The Superlucky Button, found under the "Get pints" tab, is a big colourful button that you can press (up to 30 times per day, increasing to 50 and then 100 with upgrades). The button decides whether you have won points or not. The win ratio is 8% - this is huge, with an average of 3 points per win you get 7.2 points per day.

What are Points Worth?
Points can be redeemed for anything from vouchers, iPods, MacBooks and even cold hard cash. Each point can be converted on a 1:1 ratio for cents. That's right... this site will pay you 7.2 cents per day for clicking a button! That's better than any legit PTC site I know of. What's more.. complete a few surveys and you can earn quite a bit of money on this site in a very short space of time.

Other Benefits
Another great advantage to this site is that any points your referrals win on the Superlucky Button (after you have at least 2 referrals) you also win!

Please let us know your experiences with Superpoints or any other money earning sites.


  1. This has to be one of my favourite sites now - i was slow on the uptake too only finding out about it a few months ago but am cashing out every 2 days at the minute which is lovely :)

    1. Yes, it's a nice take on the whole "paid to click" website. It's still nowhere near as profitable as some sites (see my blog posts on Slice the Pie for example), but for 5 minutes work per day with enough referrals it can be a money spinner!

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