Thursday, 14 February 2013

New site on trial - Incentria

Following the failure of (see here) we are now trialling Whilst generally accepted as a good, paying ptc site we are (as always!) going to delve into the actual figures. is part of the North Owl group of sites which also runs the ptc site and the forum and community.

We are going to begin by looking at the paid-to-view advertising element of this site. The minimum payout is advertised to be $1.00 with earnings up to $0.02 per ad viewed. As always with these kind of websites, you will only see an ad at the max rate maybe once every 10 years! Analysing the numbers from the first few days of using this site we expect our first dollar to take the following:

Views to $1 929
Viewing time to $1 2 hours 46 minutes
Weeks to $1 10 weeks
Current earning rates for $1

This is a poor rate of return for the time invested but is better than a number of ad viewing sites we have used. We will return to these earning rates again in a future post as we explore the site further.

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