Thursday, 14 February 2013

New site on trial - Incentria

Following the failure of (see here) we are now trialling Whilst generally accepted as a good, paying ptc site we are (as always!) going to delve into the actual figures. is part of the North Owl group of sites which also runs the ptc site and the forum and community.

We are going to begin by looking at the paid-to-view advertising element of this site. The minimum payout is advertised to be $1.00 with earnings up to $0.02 per ad viewed. As always with these kind of websites, you will only see an ad at the max rate maybe once every 10 years! Analysing the numbers from the first few days of using this site we expect our first dollar to take the following:

Views to $1 929
Viewing time to $1 2 hours 46 minutes
Weeks to $1 10 weeks
Current earning rates for $1

This is a poor rate of return for the time invested but is better than a number of ad viewing sites we have used. We will return to these earning rates again in a future post as we explore the site further.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Superpoints Super Bonus Code

Superpoints is one of the site we continue to use on a daily basis and to appologise for the lack of posts recently here's a Super Super Points Code worth $0.50 (plus you get an additional $0.25 for completing your basic info).

$0.75 in 15 seconds isn't too bad is it!


Note, it's a first come first serve, so once it's run out use this link instead: LINK

Saturday, 11 August 2012


Nectar is primarily a loyalty card system, where you collect points for spending money in certain shops (e.g. BP and Sainsbury).  Statements and offers are sent to your house or email address, to say how many points you have.  These points can then be exchanged for items or money off.  You fan also check you current points statement any time you want on through Nectar website.

But there are 2 ways of collecting points without spending a penny!  All you nave to do is go to the Nectar website, join their loyalty card system and then do one or both of the following.

The first is to download the Nectar toolbar for your operating system.  On Chrome, which is what I use, this appears as a tiny button in the top corner.  When you are online and need to do a search, click the Nectar button and search through that.

The other way is to download their application, for iPhone and Android, and search through that.

In both cases 2 searches is equal to 1 point.  You can collect a maximum of 100 points using the toolbar and 50 using the application each month.  150 points equates to £0.75. Not much but an easy way to add a stream to your river!

There are also loads of free offers and give aways open to Nectar uses, so that £9 per year of free cash can very easily be the gateway to much more.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Superpoints Special Offer

Superpoints is the Paid ToClick (PTC) site with a difference... for a start you NEVER pay to increase membership!  You gain membership status from sign-ups and these are very easy to reach.  They have a number of rewards and withdrawal options, which also breaks the mould from other PTC sites.

Superpoints is a trusted site (the payment proof is coming very soon).

What is really exciting at the moment is that we can offer a special bonus signup code for people looking to join Superpoints.  Simply click here or paste the link below into your browser for this fantastic offer, equal to $0.25.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Click 4 Cents - Payment Proof and Verdict

Clicks 4 Cents - Verdict and Payment Proof

We have been continuing to explore PTC sites at and the good news is that we have another site that has paid out. That site is and the payment proof is at the bottom of this article. We gave some positive initial thoughts on this particular site in a previous post (see here). In general, that positive opinion has remained. Below we give brief bullet point lists of our closing remarks about this site.

  • IT PAYS!
  • The site admin appeared positive and professional in our dealings with them.
  • The ads were consistent with between 9 and 15 ads being available each day.
  • The minimum pay-out is $1, we got there in 12 weeks. That is a lot quicker than other sites that can take years before you can withdraw (see here).

  • It is a low rate of return; we earned only $0.0012 per click on average. Very rarely did we have any of the advertised $0.005 ads. Other sites can double that rate (see here), but those sites tend to have much higher minimum pay-out levels.
  • You cannot micro test referrals with money you have earned on the site. Sites like Neobux allow you to rent referrals using your account earnings (see our PTC experiment page.). To rent 10 referrals costs $1.50 at the time of writing; and you have to put your own money in to get them. It would take 4 months to recoup that loss if your rented referrals do not perform well.

Overall this is a good ptc site. We put a few minutes of our time each day into the site and got paid after a few weeks. We trust the site and will continue to use it. Our hope is that as it grows it will implement some of the Neobux-esque rental option which will up the rate of earning and add that element of strategy that we enjoy about Neobux. 

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Untrustworthy Sites

There are a lot of untrustworthy sites out there.  I know because I test them and report on them.  Some stay and others disappear.

Of course there are different reasons for sites "going bump", sometimes it is because they are scam sites and other times it is bad management, planning or economics that has let them down.

"BuxAdNet" - an advertising site for Bux sites (PTC sites) had really bad management.  The owner never made any money but neither did the people who helped keep the site active.  Ultimately the site died - in fact don't bother looking for it because it has gone, alone with the sister PTCRankings.

Other sites you can look at and think "no, thanks" because they look too good to be true (in which case they usually are) or don't have the experience.  Ragabux and IconBux fit that mould for me.  I'm not saying they are scam sites, I'm just saying I don't trust them and because this is my site they make it on to the untrustworthy sites list.

Do your research, including checking the pages on here and let me know what you think.

Friday, 8 June 2012

NeoBux Payment Proof

I've been sat on this payment proof for ages, because I've already mentioned it in the "PTC Experiment" - Oh, I know that's a couple of weeks out-of-date, but don't worry the updates are coming very soon as data and analysis has proven very enlightening.

So here, it is... NeoBux Payment Proof (click on the image to see full size)