Saturday, 11 August 2012


Nectar is primarily a loyalty card system, where you collect points for spending money in certain shops (e.g. BP and Sainsbury).  Statements and offers are sent to your house or email address, to say how many points you have.  These points can then be exchanged for items or money off.  You fan also check you current points statement any time you want on through Nectar website.

But there are 2 ways of collecting points without spending a penny!  All you nave to do is go to the Nectar website, join their loyalty card system and then do one or both of the following.

The first is to download the Nectar toolbar for your operating system.  On Chrome, which is what I use, this appears as a tiny button in the top corner.  When you are online and need to do a search, click the Nectar button and search through that.

The other way is to download their application, for iPhone and Android, and search through that.

In both cases 2 searches is equal to 1 point.  You can collect a maximum of 100 points using the toolbar and 50 using the application each month.  150 points equates to £0.75. Not much but an easy way to add a stream to your river!

There are also loads of free offers and give aways open to Nectar uses, so that £9 per year of free cash can very easily be the gateway to much more.

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