AdFly Walkthrough

Clicking on advertisements to earn $0.001 isn't going to make you rich.  But if increase the amount of money you can earn through clicking an advertisement and then have other people click the advertisements for you, you can earn nice sum of money.

Frequent visitors and subscribers to this website know that we only deal with companies we have trialled ourselves and trust.  For this walkthrough we have chosen to use AdFly, but you can use any paid to shorten URL you feel you would like to research and trust.

Okay, so how do I earn through AdFly and how can you start using them to earn you money?  Below is a brief introduction to AdFly and then two examples of how you can use it.

What is AdFly?
Ad.Fly is a website that allows you to shorten urls.  But the difference between urls shortened by AdFly and a service like is that if people click on the AdFly link you earn cash.

There are two factors which determine how much money you would've earned:

  1. It is dependent on where in the world the person who clicked on your link is, will determine how much money you earned.  Clickers in the US and Europe will give you a higher yield than Indonesia, for example.
  2. You can choose to use a framed banner, which will not earn you much, or an interstitial, which can earn a lot more.  (I prefer to use framed banners for linking to different sites and interstitial for linking to downloadable files or streamed content).

Example 1: Content
If you have ever come across walkthroughs and strategies for using AdFly or it's equivalent you'll probably have read about how you need to go on YouTube videos or Yahoo Answers and link to different things.  Well this strategy doesn't.  Why?  Because that's too much work and you might as well be clicking on $0.001 adverts with your time.

  1. The first thing you need is content.  This can be content that you own or links to other people's content on the internet (movies, music, books, websites, whatever).
  2. Then you go to AdFly and shorten the link.
  3. Next you go to the places where people search for this content.  Taking television programmes as an example, people might go to SideReel or TV-Links and when at one of these link repositories you submit your AdFly link.
That's it!  You can simply take a link (e.g. a BBC iPlayer link, run it through AdFly, submit it to a repository and earn)!

Clearly the more "active" links you have the more you will earn, but this is 100% passive (earning whilst watching TV or asleep sounds good, right?) and as long as you don't link to illegal content 100% legal.  The beauty of this system is that people want to get to the content and do not mind navigating through your advertisement.

Please let me know how you get on using the method.  And if you can use my AdFly referral link as a thank you, so that I will earn a small percentage, without it costing you anything.

Example 2: Linking to a Site (An Easy Way for Doubling Clicks)

One of the easiest ways of getting people to click on you links is by telling them not too!  Strange as that sounds.  However, if you are on a forum and putting links or putting them in your signature, try this setup:

My Site <--- Click here to see how I make money online!
"My Site!" <--- This is exactly the same link, but DO NOT CLICK ON THIS!

Obviously this work best if you can disguise the actual link, like I have here! But amazingly you'll find the second version of the same link being clicked just as much if not more!  Human nature is an odd thing.


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