Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Click 4 Cents - Payment Proof and Verdict

Clicks 4 Cents - Verdict and Payment Proof

We have been continuing to explore PTC sites at and the good news is that we have another site that has paid out. That site is and the payment proof is at the bottom of this article. We gave some positive initial thoughts on this particular site in a previous post (see here). In general, that positive opinion has remained. Below we give brief bullet point lists of our closing remarks about this site.

  • IT PAYS!
  • The site admin appeared positive and professional in our dealings with them.
  • The ads were consistent with between 9 and 15 ads being available each day.
  • The minimum pay-out is $1, we got there in 12 weeks. That is a lot quicker than other sites that can take years before you can withdraw (see here).

  • It is a low rate of return; we earned only $0.0012 per click on average. Very rarely did we have any of the advertised $0.005 ads. Other sites can double that rate (see here), but those sites tend to have much higher minimum pay-out levels.
  • You cannot micro test referrals with money you have earned on the site. Sites like Neobux allow you to rent referrals using your account earnings (see our PTC experiment page.). To rent 10 referrals costs $1.50 at the time of writing; and you have to put your own money in to get them. It would take 4 months to recoup that loss if your rented referrals do not perform well.

Overall this is a good ptc site. We put a few minutes of our time each day into the site and got paid after a few weeks. We trust the site and will continue to use it. Our hope is that as it grows it will implement some of the Neobux-esque rental option which will up the rate of earning and add that element of strategy that we enjoy about Neobux. 

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