Thursday, 29 March 2012

PTC68 - Initial thoughts

This post provides a quick review of the site which we have been testing.


The website itself is good. Easy to navigate, nicely designed and responsive. Account statistics have a good level of detail to learn about how much you have earned and where referrals have come from.

We do like to know how active the forums are. Forums can be a good gauge of how active the site members are. However, there is no actual forum on the site itself. You are directed to a more general forum which discusses all kinds of PTC sites but not much of the discussion is about itself. This is a slight concern.

Earning Area

We have had a steady stream of ads usually receiving 4 standard ads and 2-3 micro ads each day. Standard ads last for 30 seconds earning $0.005. Micro ads last for 3 seconds earning $0.0005. At the time of writing we have earn $0.7745 from viewing 296 ads. This works out at roughly $0.0026 an ad, double the rate of (see here), and is a quite a good rate for a PTC site.

The main draw back is that the minimum payout level for this site is $10, quite high compared to other PTC sites we have used so far. To hit this level will take approximately 550 days, that is over one and half years of ad viewing.  In comparison has a $1 minimum which takes about 12 weeks to achieve. 

Growth Potential

Looking at the site statistics we have, at the time of writing, 2783 members and a total paid out of $338.32. Given the minimum cash out level is $10 with a 4% commission charge that means a maximum of about 35 people could have actually taken any money from this site. That is less than 1.25% of the members. This causes us to question whether we should continue with this site.

We are not questioning whether the site is legitimate, just whether or not it could be profitable. If we are to put time into creating referrals for the site can we earn in the long term? Would the people we refer see potential in this site to earn money and continue clicking the ads? With the amount of time needed to hit the $10 minimum we have large doubts.

There is also the option to rent referrals; only allows the rental of referrals that have been active within the last 3 days and have 50 minimum clicks. For standard members the rental price is $0.3 per referral. The rental period is not quoted on the site although you can earn up to a maximum $0.008 per referral click. Bearing in mind we only make $0.0026 per ad click it is unlikely the clicks from our referrals would ever be this high.

One of the most the most frustrating things about the rental model is that you can not use the current earnings you have made to rent referrals. You have to fund your rental balance separately. That means you have to put a minimum of $5 into the site without being able to micro-test the quality of rentals. This is in contrast to the model which allows you to use your current earnings. Thus you never have to put your own money into site to micro-test rental strategies and earnings. 


The website itself is as good as any other PTC site and the ads have been constant. The basic earnings per ad is also extremely competitive. The main question is whether or not you will put in the time to get to the minimum payout. You need to be committed for a considerable time period, as do your referrals, to get to that minimum level. We will be continuing our experiment with this site and will report again in the coming months.

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