Tuesday, 3 April 2012


When you first start to earn money online you can spend a lot of time searching the web for information on which sites are the most trustworthy and where to be spending your time for a good return.  One of the best resources for finding information is on forums.

Forums are large repositories of information, from people posting about their experiences to debate the merits of different sites.  Furthermore, forums are great for asking your own questions and getting quick answers.

I've used a few forums and each forum can be useful in it's own way, but one forum I'm very active on is The Truth About Online Money Making.  This forum is still new (which appealed to me because I'm still new) but is run by some very knowledgable people.  I found I could post questions there and get honest answers quickly.  The people on this forum are friendly and helpful.  Even for someone like me I find new ways of earning online everyday.

The Truth About Online Money Making has different sections for whether you are looking to ask questions, find information, read blogs, share links or just fancy a fun chat.

If you have any questions for me you can head over to The Truth About Online Money Making and post there.

Mike and Stu

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