Saturday, 14 April 2012

Links, Affiliates, Banners and Referrals

Today I'm going guide you through a few of the terms that often used on blogs and websites like this, and how you can profit from using them.

"Links" are ways of getting from one website to another through a simple mouse click (or from one part of a website to another part). But why would you want to link to somebody else's site? The answer is simply because you might be able to profit from send people their. Some sites will pay you for sending traffic their way, others for people performing actions once there (like buying something). People know that you are the one who has sent the traffic to their site because you would have used an "affiliate link".

Affiliate links are links that contain a unique id for you (or your site).  When someone clicks on a link of this type you will be associated with that person and their actions.  Some sites will put information in cookies to make sure that even if they don't do anything for a few days the "affiliate" will get the benefit.  And the benefit of being an affiliate is usually money.

Some sites run their own affiliate programme and others outsource this work to companies like Commission Junction.

One of the best places to have your affiliate links are inside banners (like the one below).  Banners can come in many shapes and sizes and are usually made available in a variety of designs, so you should pick the one that best fits your blog or website.

Banners are also very useful thinks to place inside your signatures for any relevant forums.  This also means the more you blog the better more you affiliate link will to available for others to click on.

Referrals are the people you have sent to a site and have signed up to that site.  The vast majority of referrals are automatically associated with you because they have used your affiliate link. Sometimes you get a one-time payment from a referral signing up to a site, other times this person is associated with you for a duration of time (or indefinitely) and you get paid more the more they do on a site (this is how Paid to Click sites usually work).

So my advice to you is to use affiliate links and banners when are where you can to get referrals and earn passive income.

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