Thursday, 16 February 2012

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a survey site.  The more surveys you complete, and the longer the survey, the more you earn.  You don't earn cash, but you do earn vouchers.

There are 21 different types of voucher to choose from: including amazon, John Lewis, TopShop and many more.  In fact the fact that it's vouchers isn't a problem if you want to convert them to cash, because you can often sell vouchers on ebay for only a small discount on their actual worth (i.e. sell a £10 voucher for £9).

I have completed survey ranging from 5 minutes, earning £0.50, to 4 day diaries (20 minutes total time), earning £20!

The site I use is British, but they are a worldwide company, so see what is local to you and use them.

So far I have cashed out over £100 in vouchers and will continue to use this site.  Personally, I take Amazon vouchers and put them in y account.  When I pop on to Amazon I'm often surprised by how much I have and indulge myself a little more.  It's a great way of saving.

They have also recently released a mobile application, allowing you to complete surveys on the go (earn on the bus to work?)  There aren't many surveys suitable for mobiles at the moment but this likely to be a growth area for them.

I've added a payment proof below and placed Valued Opinions on the Certified Sites page.  Let me know your experience with Valued Opinions.

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