Saturday, 18 February 2012

Paid Link Shortening Websites

Link shortening websites are sites where you take a URL shorten it through their system and share with others.  The difference between a link shortening website like Tiny URL and Ad Fly is that whilst Tiny URL takes you directly to a website like Ad Fly re-directs you to a banner, advert or survey first.

The banner option puts a advert at the top of the page that you can remove if you want - click here to see what one looks like.  The advert option gives a countdown (usually 5 seconds) that you have to watch before you can skip it - click here to see what one looks like.  The survey option means that there has to be a survey completed before you can get to the link.  Typically you earn a lot more for sites re-directed through surveys, though less people are willing to participate.

I'm currently trailing a couple of paid link shortening websites and there are some stark differences between them.  Let's start with the good one (good - so far),.

  • Easy to use
  • Good reputation
  • Established
  • Does not use surveys
  • Choice of banner or advert for each link
  • You can create plain re-directs
  • Pays 20% on referrals
  • Large community with useful forum
  • Low cash out amount ($5)
  • Pays very little per click-through
  • Statistics breakdown isn't very detailed
We are still trialling AdFly and will report back on whether they pay or not.  Check out the certified sites page and blog for future updates.  But for every good site there are many bad ones.

Bee4 (

  • Active admin
  • High payouts
  • Active forum
  • Small community
  • Rude admin who removes posts he doesn't agree with on the forum
  • Was unable to generate a penny of money after having a number of surveys completed
  • Uses surveys ONLY
In short avoid, they are the first site to make it on to our "uncertified list".  If you want to make passive income this way, use AdFly or an equally reputable company.


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