Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Paid To Click (PTC) Sites (part 1 of 3)

Paid To Click (PTC) sites are a very popular way of earning money on the internet.  Basically you either login to a site to view advertisements or have them emailed to you.  You click on the advert, hang around for anything from 2 seconds to a minute and get paid.

They work on the basic premise that the more you see an advert the more likely you are to visit that site and see what all the fuss is about.  Indeed, many people use paid to click sites as a useful tool for finding other sites.

PTC sites make the majority of their money from "renting referrals", advertising or providing "premium" services at a cost/subscription.

There are some pros and cons from this type of site and I'll outline a number of these below, before explaining how to make much more money from them, in the third part of this write-up.

  • There are typically no start-up costs to you - this supports my belief that you should never pay to earn!
  • The process is pretty quick and its possible to click on 50-100 adverts in 30 minutes, earning anything from a few cents to a few dollars.
  • Most of these sites have "games" or "prize boards" where you can win extra cash from playing them.
  • The popular ones are legit and have proven track records of paying, either via PayPal or AlertPay.
  • Most of them have referral/affiliate programs, which is where the big money is (but more on this in the next post).
  • Used correctly you can make mega-money on these sites.  I'm not talking a nice little earner, I'm talking above average annual pay - off one site.  Have 2 or more of these sites ramped up to the same level and you can be working 10 hours a week and earning close to 6 figures.
  • These sites can be slow to get going - you have to be willing to put the effort in early when money is trickling in.  The gold is buried deep, so you have to dig for a while before you can see the rewards.  If you don't want to put the time in, these sites aren't for you.
  • You can be in fierce competition for referrals, so you need to have a game plan.
  • Often their aren't many adverts per day (maybe only $0.10-$0.25, so you need referrals to really make it).

In the next part I'm going to explain how the following sites operate:
  • NeoBux - Probably the market leader when it comes to PTC sites.
  • ClixSense - One of the other biggest PTC sites, but quite different from NeoBux.
These sites have been chosen because they are all different from each other and they will be the basis for Paid To Web Surf's PTC Experiment.

View part 2 here.

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