Friday, 3 February 2012

Make Your River Flow

So, a few days into this blog and I've recommended a few sites (don't worry I'll be pointing out ones to avoid too), but I've avoided pointing people to one single BIG MONEY MAKING SITE.


Well the simple answer is, because there isn't one.  Well there isn't one for everyone.  Each and every person has to find the site, affiliate program or referral system that suits them, their lifestyle and how much they want to earn.  Some people might claim to be made rich from one or two sites, but be aware these claims might not be 100% reliable, so check things out and feel free to ask me too.  Additionally, you shouldn't have to pay to join a money making scheme (read: SCAM) and I'll blog more on these another day.

I was prompted into writing this post because I was worried that people are looking to make money off "passive income" and the Internet without having a sensible strategy in mind, or even knowing where to start.

What I do want to point out is that any site I do recommend has been tried and is still be used by myself, to generate income.  Each site will stream a small amount of money in your direction.  Survey sites (like Valued Opinions and Survey4Profit) for example, often pay quite well but can only offer a couple of surveys per day.  But by having a few survey sites on the go and also trying out other sites like ClixSense or Snap Dollars can mean you have many streams of income.

Here's the thing... whilst no stream by itself earns much, they can all feed down to make one might river!

It does take time to start seeing results, but if you stick with it, put the time in and look at different strategies (which I will be blogging on in not too distant future) you can make a nice income from the internet.

I'm going to continue introducing trusted sites that will make you money.  I'll be honest about the income streams, posting my results and experiences. 

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