Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Snap Dollars Income Update 7th Feb 2012

Update: I've read some posts recently saying Snap Dollars isn't paying.  This site as, with all will be tested and reviewed.  Checkout the "certified sites" page to see what sites Paid To Web Surf trusts and which ones we don't!

Hi all,

I thought I'd let you know how one of my streams is doing, so that it can be tracked over time.  I've selected Snap Dollars because their system updates in real time, they have referral rewards and generally all sorts of decent offers on their site.

So, I've done a few surveys on their site, had on referral, which gives both me and that person $5!  If you want $5 click on the banner below this paragraph.  And done a pay to click emails.

Click on the banner above for $5!

So far I have $18.76 in my account and that's probably about 1 hour of work! What's even better is that there are loads of other offers on there where I know I can earn even more on my next hour on the site, so expect quite a big leap on the next update - probably in a week or two.

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