Thursday, 2 February 2012

Slice The Pie

Now this is how to earn money!  Not a lot of money... but "fun" money, if you like music.

The basic premise of Slice the Pie is to get good reviews on songs for cash rewards.  The longer and better your review the higher your reward.  Also, you rating is compared with other reviewers and you can move up the rank and gain experience.  The higher your "rank" and "experience" the more you get paid per review.

The average review takes 2 minutes to write if you are going for 3 paragraphs and thinking about what you are writing.  This would yield $0.20ish.  So it's not great money, but some of the tracks are genuinely very good.

I think there are 2 good ways of using this site:
  1. Have it open in a tab in the background and dip onto it throughout the day when you want a two minute break from spreadsheets or blogging, or whatever you usually do on the computer.  I use this method as I'm easily distracted.
  2. Spend a good 10-15 minutes on it each day and earn a couple of bucks.  If say you do this 200 times a year that $400-$500 is a nice treat at Christmas - especially when you consider the other revenue streams you might have going on!
In fact the revenue payout on this site is actually quite good, when you work out the maths.  $4/hour is quite easy to achieve and scaling that up to a 40hour/week job it equates to $8, 320/year!  Though, I'd never recommend that anyone goes full-time on Slice the Pie, for people working at home or only with part-time jobs there can be serious money made here.

There are a couple of downsides to this site however.  Firstly, there's no affiliate or referral system (they don't need one), so you don't any money from sending people to their site - and sadly I won't get any if some of you guys check it out.  Secondly, the site can be a little buggy at times, especially when loading tracks.  The best thing to do is refresh the page and if it doesn't work again, come back in an hour - this problem might be due to the site still be relatively new (for this version).

Let me know what you think and how you got on.  I'm off to do one more review!

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