Thursday, 31 May 2012

iPinion Payment Proof

Well I've been less than enthusiastic about this money earning opportunity in the past, but credit should be given where it is due.  

Firstly, they pay!  They pay when they say they are going to and at the amount they say they are going to.

Secondly, they have recently been taken over by a larger company and are on a good footing -so they are legit.

However, the earning rate is very slow for a survey earning site (well in this case a mobile survey app).  The surveys themselves pay well.  I only had to complete 2 surveys at 5/10 minutes each to earn $5.00, you might only get one survey per month coming through.

There are emails to inform you when surveys are available, so I would say you can happily download this app and pretty much forget about it, whilst you concentrate on quicker money making opportunities and just use this one every now and again (when the emails come through) as a pleasant surprise.

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