Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Clicks 4 Cents - Initial thoughts

We have recently begun to trial the site and this post reports our initial findings.


The website, whilst not going to win any design awards, is extremely functional, responsive and easy to navigate. The "Earnings Area" is what we are most interested in and and we have 3 options to earn. These are pay-to-click (PTC), pay-to-sign-up (PTSU) and the click exchange. Given we are currently only exploring earning using PTC this is our area of main focus.

One slight concern about the site, given the advertised 28,820 members at the time of writing, is that the forums seem slightly inactive. Forums are good indicators for how many of the advertised members are still active on the site (a concern if we wish to later want to purchase or rent referrals). That said, the forum admin is very active and seems to respond quickly to any queries generated.

Rate of Ads/Earnings

The PTC area shows the adverts available to be viewed. On average we have received 11 ads a day. You have to view the ad for 10 seconds before the earnings are credited to your account. At the time of writing we have viewed 237 ads earning $0.276 (approx $0.0012 per ad). To get to the $1.00 minimum payout, at the current earnings rate, will take about 12 weeks. The total amount of time taken to view the ads will approximately be 2 hours.

Growth Opportunities

At an earning rate of $0.50 per hour we would like to increase this as soon as possible. To really make money, as with most of these PTC sites, you need referrals. There is the option to purchase lifetime referrals. This is in contrast to NeoBux, say, where you rent referrals for for 30 day periods. We currently do not think the maths works with lifetime referrals and will not be pursuing this option for growth. We will be giving much more thought to the referral models used by PTC sites in future posts

Current Verdict

Overall we like The ads have been constant and the minimum payout is relatively low at only $1.00. We will definitely be continuing with the site until this target is reached. However, it is a slow rate of return and the options for purchasing referrals do not seem value for money. We do not currently see ourselves continuing with this site beyond the first payout.

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