Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Paid to Web Surf

Hi All,

So, if you've landed on this page you might be want to learn how to earn money online - the good news is that you can do that, the bad news is that it won't make you rich.

There are plenty of really good sites online where you can earn extra cash.  You can do this by:
  1. Click on ads
  2. Completing surveys
  3. Reviewing products
  4. Listening to music
  5. ... and many more
What I'm going to do, is create this blog so that you know which sites to trust and which sites to avoid.  I'm going to explain the pros and cons of each site, letting you know if they have referral programmes (which is often the most lucrative method of earning) what you can expect to earn and keep you updated on any changes.  I'll add "labels" to the posts and place these on the right-hand side of this blog so that you can see all the post on that topic easily.

Many of these sites are used by myself, but some are not, so please keep me informed of any sites you find that I might be interested in.  I'll try to add new ones frequently, so please pop back and see what new ones have been found and reviewed.


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